Jammer detection & location system successfully demonstrated

Jammer Detector and Locator being successfully tested

Responding to GNSS jamming nearby airports

Airport Authorities have been concerned with the increase of GNSS interferences around airports for a few years now. The need to precisely locate the source of jamming, used intentionally or not, has become a key element to ensure the safe landing of aircraft. Indeed, as they use GNSS and GPS to navigate, aircraft particularly rely on those signals during the LPV-200 approach. But the growing use of Personal Privacy Devices (PPD) to avoid tracking may become a threat to global safety around airports.


In response, Syntony has developed a Jammer Detector able to locate the source of the jamming and has successfully tested it this summer. Using our GNSS Recorder Echo and its high-fidelity and ultra high sensitivity with an array of 3 antennas to monitor the space spectrum, Syntony’s device is able to steer at the origin of the signal. Embedded in a small aircraft, it can then precisely locate sources of jamming through the Direction of Arrival of the interferences. Therefore, Airport Authorities’ ability to respond to GNSS jamming is drastically improved, preventing pilots and passengers from unpleasant landings.


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