SubWAVE tested in New York subway

On February 22nd, Syntony successfully demonstrated SubWAVE at the north part of the line A of NYCT subway. Indeed, GPS coverage expansion was achieved and reliable GPS positioning data has been received by a standard smartphone, with a common GPS chipset.


In the video below, achieved precision is clearly accurate and smooth, showing that SubWAVE+, which brings precise GPS positioning along the tunnel, is working perfectly. This success, shared with New York MTA teams, is a significant milestone in public transports safety development, as well as a technical challenge mastered.


”I do believe that the recent operational demonstration of SubWAVE+ in an underground section of the NYCT Subway A Line has been a successful Proof of Concept of the technology in the NYCT Subway System underground environment. We feel that successful development and adoption of this system could be the key to breaking down the long standing barriers to consideration of subway systems’ use of existing and new, innovative GPS-based technologies, widely used in above grade rail applications”, MTA Executive.

Syntony's SubWAVE : Proof of Concept in New York City metro