Software navigation is also Automotive future

Nowadays, electronics has become the major differentiator in the automotive industry.
Syntony offers to the industry a full range of test solutions enabling manufacturers to lab test their equipment in real conditions. Echo R&P (Hi-Fi GNSS Record & Playback System) and Constellator (GNSS Simulator) ensures that you deliver outstanding performance to your customers.

Besides test solutions, Syntony also offers a highly performing software to enhance location precision that can be used for Automotive industry. This software solution can be embedded in customer’s existing hardware or include the hardware in the delivery.

Existing equipment need to evolve and upgradability is a strong additional feature for those equipments. Hardware capacity cannot evolve but software is upgradable and cost-effective. Software can help improve continuous reception even in complex environments such as dense urban areas. The receiver performance can be improved and updated at any time for future signals or improvments. With this level of flexibility, you can make sure the final user can benefit from a good user experience.

Case studies

  • Automotive solution
  • Tests scenarii
  • Improved versatility

The high-quality GNSS signal emulated by Constellator can enable you to proceed to serial testing of GNSS receivers and analyze their behaviour when being put in “real” environment. Moreover, you may see the performance discrepencies from one receiver to another when subjected to similar conditions.

Embedded in a car for a test, Echo records all signals received by the antennas with high precision. Stored on a SSD disk, the recording can then be indefinitely replayed in a lab to proceed to tests, therefore saving costs for a mass or recurrent testing.

Syntony provides a fully customizable solution compatible with any future signal. Whatever issue you may be facing to guarantee a highly precise location, you can rely on Syntony to develop a bespoke solution adapted to your needs. Softspot offers low and high intensity signal reception, multiple reflection capabilities for complex environments and increased protection against interferences and jamming.

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