GPS Coverage Extension


Universal Positioning Solution

Seamless transition between outdoor & underground

Compatible with existing PMR/TETRA receivers

No interferences with other RF feeds

Enabling GPS/GNSS application underground

Available all around the globe for positioning, navigation, and timing, GPS and GNSS signals cannot reach underground facilities. Operators and workers are then deprived of the formidable advantages of geolocation, both for safety and management efficiency.

More powerful than a GPS repeater, SubWAVE™ is capable of generating, in real time, genuine GNSS coordinates computable by standard receivers. Operators can monitor their whole network and locate in real time their assets and workers with longitude, latitude, and altitude coordinates.

Available with precisions tailored to our clients’ use cases, SubWAVE™ is the perfect solution to enable every underground location challenge, at once.


Universal Positioning Solution

Benefitting from over 20 years of GNSS Simulation R&D, SubWAVE™ expands the coverage of the most popular and deployed location technology in the world.


Seamless transition outdoor/underground

Generating genuine GNSS signals in real-time, SubWAVE™ allows receivers to keep on computing their position when entering an equipped area, ensuring the continuity of service, natively.

Compatible-with existing-PMR:TETRA receivers

Compatible with existing PMR/TETRA receivers

Based on the most popular location technology in the world, SubWAVE™ broadcast a signal computable by every GNSS-enabled professional receiver already deployed, reducing drastically costs of deployment and technology integration.


No interferences with other RF feeds

Designed to fit in the existing telecom network, SubWAVE™ GNSS emulated signals are conceived on specific bandwidths preventing them from interfering with other crucial and existing RF feeds.

GNSS Coverage Extension fitting specific industry needs

Every industry has its specifities, and rely differently on geolocation services.
SubWAVE™ has been developed with key players from different sectors, to provide the best service needed.


In road tunnels, GPS Coverage extension can improve safety of workers and maintenance operations, as well as continuity of service for every GPS user for navigation, platooning, etc.

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