GNSS Solutions for Modern Transportation

With world growth and the climate change challenges, Transportation has become a key element in modern cities. Used by billions every day, Transportation faces more and more safety and efficiency challenges.
As the most common location and navigation service available in the world, GNSS is the backbone of Transportation operations. Used to locate the fleets and monitor them in real-time, or by the public to navigate and commute, GNSS becomes naturally unavailable in indoor or underground environments.
Syntony provides solutions to extend GNSS Coverage Extension to indoor & underground environments, as well as a set of powerful receivers to enhance assets’ management for Transportation.



GNSS indoor & underground coverage extension

To restore the GNSS commodity continuity of service indoor and underground, Syntony developed the SubWAVE™ technology. Based on GNSS simulators for Aerospace Industry, SubWAVE™ simulates in real-time GNSS signals compatible natively with all GNSS-enabled devices deployed in the area.

Acknowledged expertise

Major players of Space & Defense industry trust the high level of expertise Syntony demonstrates in GNSS signal treatment and reception. Whether you want a GNSS Simulator, a GNSS recording & playback system, or a high-end GNSS positioning solution, our teams are here to help you find the right solution fitting your needs.

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