Developing Automotive with GNSS

Automotive has fully embraced the connected revolution by equipping vehicles with complex technologies. Vehicle real-time location was a nice to have a few years ago, it is a key-driver purchase element now.

Automotive has not escaped the digitally connected revolution. In fact, it is one of the industries who may benefit the most out of it. Indeed, to be able to locate precisely and in real-time a vehicle has become a key purchase driver.



GNSS is the backbone of Automotive Navigation

Designing and manufacturing more and more complex vehicle requires powerful equipment to simulate a large variety of situations, with extreme precision and high-fidelity. As an expert in GNSS for more than 20 years, Syntony provides a full range of GNSS testing equipment designed to answer the most complex tests need for the industry.

From GNSS simulation to reception, Syntony’s expertise can help our clients developing the connected car of tomorrow and produce the best one today.

GNSS Simulation, Record & Replay, and Positioning for Automotive

Developing the future of Automotive is made possible with the great connectivity in our modern world. Available all around the world and at any time, GNSS is one of them. With the rise of the number of constellations, manufacturer can use multi parameters to enhance positioning accuracy of vehicles, both for safety and navigation.
GNSS can be used as a data feed, alongside accelerometers and other sensors, to provide the best and most safe experience to the customers.


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