Developing IoT solutions with GNSS

IoT market is rising at a tremendous pace with a batch of new requirements to achieve promised performance. Battery life is one of them, and the GNSS cloud-based approach of Syntony aims to reduce it drastically.

In parallel, Syntony’s expertise in GNSS simulation allows our clients to benefit from GNSS signals in underground or indoor facilities, extending the playground of IoT and location services.



Optimizing costs with extended battery life

IoT devices need to be located, but battery and energy consumption issues force manufacturers to sacrifice performance over longevity. With the GNSS cloud-based approach, both accuracy of positioning and controlled energy consumption can be achieved. The SoftSpot™ for IoT technology can reduce the energy consumption by a factor of 50, depending on use cases, while guaranteeing the accuracy and coverage of GNSS technology, all around the world.

Locating IoT devices underground with GNSS-based solutions

With a world population growing fast, modern cities develop more and more underground or indoor facilities to offer services. IoT devices evolve in this environment, but become naturally deprived of GNSS signal, originating from satellites in space.

To ensure the continuity of GNSS location and navigation service, the natural coverage must be extended underground and indoor. The SubWAVE™ technology developed by Syntony performs such a service, enabling instantly every IoT usage requiring a GNSS-based location feature.


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