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GPS Coverage extension for underground mining operations

Mining operations have always presented unique positioning and navigation challenges underground. Syntony’s technology SubWAVE™ leverages the existing mining infrastructure, expending GPS coverage underground for reliable asset geolocation, from workforce to machinery. Fully compatible with already deployed GPS receivers in open pits, SubWAVE™ addresses every underground location use cases at once.


Haulage tracking indoor/outdoor

Mining operations require the tracking of machinery and assets both indoor and outdoor. SubWAVE offers the extension of GPS technology already deployed outdoor, with a seamless tracking transition between environments.

This universal compatibility enables an easy link with supervision softwares already in place, in real-time, with no delay. Every blind spot into the galleries gets back on the map.

Mining Automation

As the backbone of positioning and navigation operations, GPS technology is already used in automation softwares outdoors. By extending the natural GPS coverage in underground galleries, SubWAVE enables the extension of teleremote operations with existing equipment.

Available with very accurate precision, SubWAVE is compatible with existing communication cables and receivers, and fits right in automation systems.


Workforce tracking & safety

With the universal GPS technology used both outdoor and underground, workforce real-time monitoring is possible for both efficiency and safety. Every worker and asset’s position is known in real-time, remotely controllable, and integrated in supervision softwares.
Safety operations like Ventilation-on-demand can be operated remotely and very accurately, enhancing global safety and risk management.

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