GPS/GNSS solutions from simulation to reception

After years of being a confidential and restricted industry, Aerospace is becoming more and more popular. Satellites are developed and launched at a faster pace, with growing quality and performance standards. More than ever, the industry needs versatile and upgradable GPS/GNSS solutions to design, test, and produce this new equipment.

With its unique approach of both simulation and reception of the GNSS Signal, Syntony has been providing Aerospace industry high-quality GNSS solutions from its creation.


Modularity and quality

Based on Software-Defined Radio (SDR), Syntony’s solutions offer modularity and upgradability with cost control at all times. The tight alliance of SDR technology and state-of-the-art RF front-end provide Syntony’s products one of the best quality available on the market. With a large range of performances adapted to specific needs of the industry, our solutions benefit from constant innovation, and can be upgraded when needed.

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Acknowledged expertise

Major players of Space & Defense industry trust the high level of expertise Syntony demonstrates in GNSS signal treatment and reception. Whether you want a GPS/GNSS Simulator, a GPS/GNSS recording & playback system, or a high-end GNSS positioning solution, our teams are here to help you find the right solution fitting your needs.


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