GNSS Receiver



Custom GNSS receiver solution

From pure GPS L1C/A up to Multi-frequency & Multi-Constellations including GALILEO

Software-Defined Radio (SDR) Core

Different form factors for specific integration or usage: Board or Ready-to-use delivery forms

Tailored GNSS positioning solution for projects

With the rise of the GNSS market and location-based activities, GNSS receivers are found everywhere around the globe and fit the most common needs of every budget.

But when it comes to special projects with specific constraints whether it be environmental, protocols, GNSS performance, hybridization, usual GNSS receiver cannot be adapted most of the time. In these specific contexts, SoftSpot™ is the ideal basis opening a solution regarding specific customer requirements.

SoftSpot™ is an adaptable technology developed by Syntony to fit in any special project involving specific needs. Its Software-Defined Radio (SDR) core makes it one of the most versatile assets in the world, and its performances are constantly improved with the best algorithms on the market.



Custom GNSS receiver solution

There are multiple axes to customizing SoftSpot receiver regarding customer needs. 
SoftSpot™ is designed to interface with external devices enabling connecting specific customer components:


From pure L1C/A up to Multi-GNSS processing

SoftSpot™ technology can process a large variety of signals, depending on our clients’ needs:


Resilient to interferences

SoftSpot™ technology permits to face aggressive signals that may damage the received GNSS signal and then decrease the precision and accuracy of computed position:


Board or Ready-to-use delivery forms

Based on Software-Defined Radio (SDR), SoftSpot™ is designed for special projects requiring dedicated solutions. Available in different form factors, SoftSpot™ is developed and delivered as the one best fitting our client’s needs. Reusing SoftSpot technology for different customers and different domains, no doubt that our technology is compliant with your needs.

GNSS Receivers in any needed factor form

SoftSpot™ can either be delivered as simple software running on our customer’s hardware, or together with a hardware platform (reference, on PC) or be embedded (RF, Numeric, or both).


SoftSpot™ can deliver its full potential as a chipset and a top-of-the-art RF front-end fitting our clients’ requirements.

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