GPS Coverage Extension

No GPS? We have a solution!

GPS coverage is fundamental for many services and safety reasons, however the signal cannot always reach some confined areas. We developed a range of solutions, from emitters to receivers, in order to give our clients access to GPS signal in all their facilities, indoor and outdoor. The unique technology of SubWAVE provides a continuity of GPS in underground areas, such as tunnels or metro stations, and allows our clients to keep track of their assets in such confined areas, with the same apps they use outside, as long as they rely on GPS signal.

To ensure a reliable GPS localization, Syntony provides a perfect emulation of the “real” GPS with SubWAVE and SubWAVE+. This emitting solution works with standard GPS chipset found in common equipment such as smartphones (making the service available to the public), and professional devices equipped with TETRA or P25 receivers.

Syntony also works on improving receiver performances, and since our products emulate GPS signal, we know how to optimize their reception. SoftSpot solution for receivers enhances the tracking of fast moving assets (trains or metros), whether they happen to travel inside a area covered by Subwave or outside with satellite GPS.

Case studies

  • Safety
  • Continuity
  • Efficiency
  • Locate emergency calls in the subway with SubWAVE

Monday morning in a major city, a passenger is commuting to work on the subway when he starts to feel dizzy. Passengers call the emergency number and their exact position is automatically sent. Thanks to SubWAVE it is possible to get reliable underground position. Through the gigantic station, the rescue team knows the call has been made from the second floor stairway zone defined, and they get straight there, using their standard PMR equipment that shows them their position in real time.

  • Locate your assets with precision with SubWAVE and SoftSpot

Filled with passengers, a train is rushing towards its destination. Embedded in the tracking system of the train, Softspot optimizes the precision of positioning, allowing the management center to put a safe distance from the train ahead and the one behind, both tracked as well.

Besides, when entering a tunnel and losing the satellite signal, SubWAVE takes over and offers a continuity of GPS tracking in real time. Position accuracy can be improved thanks to Softspot.

  • Improve your maintenance operations with SubWAVE+

En route to repair a ready-to-fail bolt on the underground railway, the maintenance team navigates through the tunnels to the precise location of the problem. Thanks to SubWAVE+ precise coverage, the incident had been reported with a GPS pinpoint and maintenance had just to reach it.
Meanwhile, management center have slowed down the metro arriving, knowing the exact position of both the train and the maintenance team. No need to stop traffic and safety is guaranteed.

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