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Syntony is an innovative company which is acknowledged as a leader and an expert in designing and manufacturing GNSS systems for Aeronautics, Space and Transportation. Syntony is spread all around the world with its subsidiaries in North America (New York, San Francisco and Montreal), and in Paris and its distributors in Asia and Europe. Our customers are located worldwide (Airbus, Thales, OneWeb, Honeywell, Rockwell, and metros of Stockholm, New York, Toronto,Helsinki, Munich, Paris and other main actors).

Our passionnate and creative team put human and innovation values in the first place in order to provide GPS systems of high quality that fit our customer’s needs.

Our offers

Software Developer Integrative Engineer

  • 24.06.2019
  • Toulouse
  • Ref: 2019001589

Permanent contract - MISSION                      

You join the geolocation product integration team under the responsibility of the project manager. You are in charge of product integration across all domains (Electronics/Computer Science/RF) with a goal of optimization and performance. You are also involved in developing with our team the graphical tools and interfaces for testing, installation and maintenance. You develop a global vision of the system and contribute to the improvement process.

Your missions will be:

  • Collect and formalize all of the system’s requirements from the various stakeholders.
  • Establish a system architecture
  • Adapt subsystem interfaces where appropriate
  • Develop software features to optimize integration
  • Integrating on-site subsystems, hardware and software
  • Develop test plans and operational system validation scenarios
  • Check the operation of the system on an integration bench and then in the laboratory
  • Participate in on-site installation, and setting up
  • Conduct analyses for system calibration (spread balance, noise signal level) based on initial acquisitions
  • Writing technical performance reports, validation
  • Validate features and performance in real-world environments
  • Participate in deployments of new features as a case-by-case
  • Contribute to the definition of changes in the product plan

This is a position in which you will participate in the integration and software development of our products.


Skills required

  • Design and architecture ofembedded systems
  • Electronics: understanding electronic and embedded systems
  • Software development ; Mastery of Language C, C ;Development environment: CCG, Qt
  • Signal processing
  • Analysis tool: spectrum analyzer
  • Operating system: Linux, Android, Windows
  • English profining and good English/French writing skills

Specificity of the position: permanent contract, full-time, based in Toulouse. Many doutstretcheds around the world.

Embedded Systems Software Engineer

  • 23.05.2019
  • Toulouse
  • Ref: 2019001377

Permanent contract - Your MISSION

You will join the team under the responsablility of the Navigation Systems Product Manager.
Your are in charge of the integration of the product in each domain (electronics, Radio Frequency, Software) in order to optimize and improve its performances. You developp a global master of the product and contribute to its evolutions.
You will integrate our team to contirbute to our innovative technologies by using your best skills.


  • Software development and électronics knowledges
  • Embedded systems design
  • Sotware integration on target
  • SW Language required : C/C++
  • Analysis tool : emulator, spectrum analyser …etc…
  • SW environment : Qt, GCC
  • Operating system : Linux
  • Foreign Language level : Good skills in English and French, written, read and spoken

Training/ Experience

  • Engineer degree or equivallent in Electronics/computer science
  • Experience : 2 to 3 years developping softwares and/or electronics
  • A first experience in integrating Hardware/Software on target.
  • Protocol : TCP : IP, Radiocommunication
  • Signal treatment knowledge and/or RF would be appreciated

May include international business travels.

Spontaneous application

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