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Know the position of your assets in tunnels

GPS coverage is fundamental for many services and safety reasons, and yet the signal cannot always reach some confined areas. We developed a range of solutions, from emitters to receivers, in order to give our clients access to GPS signal in all their facilities, indoor and outdoor. The unique technology of SubWAVE provides a continuity of GPS in underground areas, such as tunnels or metro stations. This allows our clients to keep track of their assets in such confined areas, with the same apps they use outside, as long as they rely on GPS signal. Locate assets in realtime through a labyrinthic indoor environment goes a step further and is made possible with SubWAVE and Softspot technologies developed by Syntony. SubWAVE unique technology brings the GPS signal inside labyrinthic infrastructures (mine, data center), allowing our clients to map their environment and track assets embedding GPS chipset throughout their network (outside and underground).

To ensure a reliable GPS location, Syntony provides a perfect emulation of the “real” GPS with SubWAVE. This emitting solution works with professional devices such as TETRA or P25 receivers and with standard GPS chipset found in common equipment as smartphones. It offers a seamless transition of positioning between the outside and the underground network.

SubWAVE offers a zone based location to easily track your staff and assets to improve safety and operational peformance. SubWAVE+ narrows down location along tunnels with same precision as outdoors. Precision can be enhanced by using a dedicated software for receivers or PMR server, both delivered by Syntony.

Case studies

  • Staff safety
  • Asset tracking

Locate isolated worker emergency call with SubWAVE
In case of an accident, the PMR device of an isolated worker in trouble will send a distress call to the management center. Thanks to zone based maping from SubWAVE, a GPS position can be sent to ease the arrival of rescue teams. When arriving towards the workers, even if they don’t know the environment, they can use the very same GPS signal as outdoors.

Track your assets with increased precision thanks to SubWAVE+. Costly assets are usually equiped with GPS chipset sometimes coupled with inertial sensors. However GPS signal cannot reach underground areas. This is why SubWAVE+ can help you improve your operational efficiency making GPS signal available in confined areas and along tunnels.

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