GNSS Recorder and Player

Echo Rec & Play : putting the “real” into real world tests

Key features


  • 2 separate machines : 1 recorder and 1 player
  • Software based capacity
  • Customizable storage capacity
  • Post-delivery upgradability
  • 3 tightly synchronized channels
  • Highly configurable through powerful GUI

In a nutshell

Echo Recorder and Player are two separate machines Syntony offers to conduct efficient tests. Both include the high-quality RF components that Syntony carefully selects before assembling. Echo Recorder&Player repeatedly records and reproduces real GNSS situations with the best signal dynamics to test your devices in real-life conditions.

GNSS spectrum becoming NYC skyline

Benefit from high-performance device to record reality

EchoR records complex scenarios with high accuracy, to help you understand imperfections of real signals (weak signal, jamming, high speed, urban or natural masking effects, ground reflection…)


Play and replay specific trajectories or real imperfection to run your tests infinitely

Echo P. plays the sample previously recorded thus reproducing very specific conditions. You can have various tests available in a single SSD that will enable you to run tests saving costs and time of test flights.

Echo R&P adaptable instruments

Echo R&P will adapt to a large variety of use cases and perform the best-in-class GNSS signals recording and reproduction. Whatever your domain of application is, Echo is a customizable and accurate tool, you can rely on it to run real tests infinitely. For further information, please see the documents below or contact us we will be glad to answer the question you may have.


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Use case

  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Impact

Newly certified receivers have to be embedded in aircraft assembling. The next step will be the test of GPS or GNSS receivers intended to equip aircraft.

Echo will save several flight tests that are highly expensive. One flight test recorded with Echo Recorder can be replayed infinitely with Echo Player.

The use of Echo can save costs as well as saving time dedicated to those flight tests. The recording can be infinitely repeated in test laboratories to have all receivers tested in the exact same conditions for certifications for example.

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