GNSS receiver for IoT


  • Low energy GNSS receiver
  • L1 frequency (can be extended)
  • Software Defined Radio (acquire GNSS signal, compress it and send it to the cloud for PVT computation)
  • Up to 16 Mhz sampling rate
  • Compatible with NB-IoT, LoRa, Sigfox, GSM, 3G/4G/5G, Satellite, etc.

Benefit from low energy GNSS receiver for your IoT device with Softspot-IoT

IoT market is booming and it is coming with new technological needs that may slow down its surge. New usages come with new challenges. For IoT, one of the main constraints is to find a balance between the device autonomy and the need to have a full-time connectivity with the device available.


Softspot-IoT can easily answer this challenge. It makes your battery last 10 years @ 100 positions per day, which is unique worldwide.


Just take a L1 RF stage on board, add Softspot-IoT software, and your tracker will give precise location in a few seconds (from 1 to 10s compared to 120 s for standard connected devices). As explained in the picture, the process is based on Syntony cloud, where position is computed and eventually corrected by software, so the end-user can benefit from a precise and checked position. Thanks to this process, there is no need to do a cold-start, and the efficience of positioning calculation is maximized.

Softspot IoT is a versatile and highly compatible solution. It is compatible with any future GNSS signal, or any constellation. Its software core makes it upgradable even after product launch. The solution can work with any IoT technology and can be used on any UNB technologies, RF, celular, satellite, etc.

Moreover, our experts chose the best RF stage to guarantee an extra-low consumption and a competitive price compared to GPS chipsets in similar quantities (down to $1 per chip).

Use case

  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Impact

IoT market is rising and as we learn to rely on those new devices, they are submitted to more and more needs for performance and precision.

At the same level of features proposed, the main differentiator may be the frequency of position upgrade and autonomy offered by the device.

However, GPS chipset and position calculation is a feature that requires much energy and the challenge is then to find a balance between performance and autonomy.

Softspot-IoT is a unique and innovative solution to improve the battery autonomy of GPS functions for IoT devices. From the GPS tracker, compressed data are sent to a server where they are extracted, the position (Long/Lat/Alt) is computed and sent back to the end user.

By doing the calculations remotely, the device saves a lot of energy. Its autonomy can last until 10 years thanks to this technology.

The energy used for position calculation is reducedĀ  and may use up to 100 times less energy compared to the best existing chipset. Besides, the use of software is flexible, a feature that can be highly valued by tracker manufacturer.

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