How to track your vehicle ?

In covered or underground places, regular GPS signal fading hampers the operating of the location function of GPS receivers. As a consequence, it is practically impossible to locate and track a vehicle although standard GPS receivers are embedded in almost every busses nowadays.
Moreover, if you are located in an underground area such as a subway, a tunnel or an underground parking lot or in other uncovered areas, GPS coverage is fundamental to ensure additional services.

GPS coverage has become fundamental for many services, from personal navigation to asset tracking.
Some of the challenges you may face is the need for upgradability and versatility of embedded equipment.
Chip based technology faces material limits that Full Soft Receivers overcome. Syntony has developed SoftSpot, the most advanced full soft embedded receiver available on the market. More technical information is available on Softspot product page. We usually work on bespoke project to adapt Softspot to your specific needs. Feel free to contact us for further information !

On the other hand, when entering an underground area such as a subway or a tunnel, the signal hampers and this precious service is out of reach.
SubWAVE solution and its extension SubWAVE+, BusWAVE, RoadWAVE tackles this major issue and extends GPS coverage indoor. It allows you to locate your technical staff and users in underground areas and thus guarantee their safety. Additionally, you can also improve operational performance by locating costly assets and track spotted defaults on rack.

Case studies

  • Locate vehicles
  • Locate any calls
  • Precise positioning
  • For professionnal bus drivers it can be difficult and a waste of precisous time to search for the bus they have to drive every morning.
    In an indoor bus parking depot, where hundreds of busses are parked, how can anyone be efficient ?
    This is why we created BusWAVE, an innovative solution emitting a signal similar to standard GPS, bringing indoor bus location capability and enabling seamless outdoor transition using your existing GPS receiver aboard the bus. BusWAVE is the only solution worldwide having this capacity.

To ensure safety for all customers and workers, as well as tracking your busses in confined areas, we designed this technology that enables you to locate and track your vehicles from underground parking lots to tunnels and mines.

Subwave also comes with an extension called Subwave+ allowing you to extend the precision of underground GPS from a zone based positioning to an accurate one, with the same precision level as outside GPS.

  • In public transportation, users’ and maintenance teams’ safety is primary.
    In case of an emergency, such as someone fainting, locating emergency calls in such complex environments requires a technology that can provide instantaneous localization for anyone in need.
    SubWAVE provides a seamless emulated GPS positioning service in deep indoor environment for every device embedding GPS chipset (smartphones or professional receiver like P25 or TETRA).
  • Today’s receivers have to deal with many factors to ensure a precise positioning. GNSS positioning can bring many advantages to the Transportation sector. Syntony software technology can easily be adapted for matching your specific needs : trajectories, anti-spoofing, anti-jamming, multipath or signal attenuation in dense areas… all those factors can be corrected through a bespoke software version studied for your project. Softspot can be both hardware and software or only software that can be added to your existing GNSS receivers.

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