Syntony launches its CRPA GNSS receiver CERBER™

CERBER CRPA GNSS Receiver and its 4-array antenna
CERBER CRPA GNSS Receiver and its 4-array antenna
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In order to offer a resilient and reliable GNSS receiver for critical industries, Syntony has developed a GNSS receiver embedded in a CRPA solution: CERBER™

The embedded approach for better costs and performances

Contrary to the classical approach of CRPA systems, which consists of embedded GNSS antennas and antijamming treatments, CERBER™’s innovation relies on the tight integration of CRPA treatment (with a 4-array antenna) and the GNSS receiver embedded.

Anti-jamming and anti-spoofing resilience

With an « embedded receiver » approach, CERBER™ reaches new levels of resilience. The estimation of GNSS Direction of Arrival (DoA) is enabled and allows the receiver to:

  • Check if those DoA estimations are compatible with GNSS constellations or if they originate from very few directions. Therefore, one can detect and locate instantly spoofing devices or receivers
  • Constantly recalibrate the chains of reception based on the DoA and GNSS signals, in order to compensate, particularly the thermal fluctuations, and then improve interferences DoA estimations.


CERBER™’s embedded approach also enables:

  • A 6dB power gain in satellites’ directions compared to a null-stearing classical solution
  • The continuity of GNSS signals’ phase when the STAP filter is updated
  • The absence of additional noise that a GNSS receiver would imply with the re-generation and re-digitalization of RF signals

Better rejection performances with a lower cost than an independent CRPA + independent GNSS Receiver solution

Ready for critical industries

CERBER™ has been developed to answer the growing demand regarding the protection and the surveillance of civil critical infrastructures on the ground (Galileo’s or EGNOS’ ground segments, airports, or any infrastructure requiring precise and resilient timing built from the GNSS timing system).

Visit the Softspot product page to learn more about the product, and do not hesitate to contact us.