GNSS Receiver

Overcome your biggest challenges in real time with SoftSpot©

  • Multiple GNSS receiver
  • From pure L1C/A up to Multi-GNSS
  • Versatile, customizable, upgradable
  • Can sustain very harsh environments: vibration & temperature constraints (-45 to 100°C)
  • Mono or multi-frequency
  • Single or multi-antenna

In a nutshell

Softspot is a real-time receiver that can be customized to answer your specific needs. It is able to deal with the environment constraints to ensure location availability at any time with the best possible precision. It has been designed to run on your embedded platform or mobile system.

Customizable and upgradable GNSS receiver

Software based navigation as a rising trend

Software based navigation brings highly valuable assets for navigation and positioning equipment: customizability, post delivery upgradability options. Being perfectly adapted to the real application need, Softspot will only compute what is necessary and when. As such, it also complies with the growing challenge for reduced power consumption.

Benefit from high performance GNSS reception

As the use of GNSS constellations signals is expanding, you may face complex challenges Softspot can tackle. Its versatility and cost-effectiveness are important features to take into account for OEM projects. Softspot can be delivered as simple software running on customer’s hardware, or also delivered together with a customized hardware platform (RF, numeric, or both)

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  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Impact

Dense urban areas with multipath and masking effect are a challenge for location services. In those areas, Police patrols use common GNSS receiver but multipath seriously affects location precision or worse, signal is lost.

Multipath complicates GPS localization

Softspot can embed unrivalled multipath and masking mitigation algorithms, mapped to the target dynamic of the vehicule, leading to the best possible performances in terms of location.

SoftSpot reduces multipath effects

Thanks to the greater positionning information given by Softspot, Police patrols can rely on a unique technology based on GPS to locate themselves. Softspot brings a unique approach enabling the correction of positioning calculations with algorythms and data matching with other available sensors. Police patrol can be more effective and improve the lead time to reach incident place.

Precise GPS positioning in urban area

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