Syntony GNSS and Keysight forge new paths in GNSS Testing and Simulation

Syntony and Keysight announced their partnership during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona through a series of GNSS simulation demos
Syntony and Keysight announced their partnership during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona through a series of GNSS simulation demos
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In a significant stride towards advancing GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) testing and simulation capabilities, Syntony GNSS has recently formed a partnership with a leading RF testing solutions manufacturer, Keysight Technologies. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the GNSS simulation landscape, promising to bring forth an unparalleled testing solution that integrates the strengths of both entities.

A New Era in GNSS and RF Powerful Testing Capacities

The partnership was publicly unveiled at the grand stage of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, capturing the attention of industry professionals and tech enthusiasts alike. A highlight of the event was a captivating demonstration that showcased the seamless integration and capabilities of the partnered solutions. The demonstration was captured in a video, providing a vivid glimpse into the synergy between Syntony GNSS and Keysight (watch the demo here).

At the heart of this collaboration is Keysight’s VXG advanced signal generator. This cutting-edge product enables the generation of thousands of simultaneous signals across all GNSS constellations and bands. What sets it apart is its impeccable time and phase synchronization, ensuring high fidelity and accuracy in simulation scenarios. This feature is particularly crucial in testing GNSS receivers under various conditions, ensuring they perform optimally in real-world scenarios.

Syntony GNSS brings to the table its expertise and innovative solutions, notably the GNSS Simulator Constellator (discover more). This simulator stands out for its ability to mimic the complex dynamics of GNSS signals, providing a robust platform for testing and validating GNSS receivers. When combined with Keysight’s VXG, the result is a powerful testing solution that encompasses the full spectrum of GNSS signals and scenarios.

A key beneficiary of this partnership is the domain of CRPA (Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna) testing. CRPA is pivotal in enhancing the resilience of GNSS receivers against interference and jamming, ensuring reliable operation even in adversarial conditions. The combined solution from Syntony GNSS and Keysight offers an exceptional platform for testing CRPA systems, ensuring they meet the stringent requirements of modern applications.

Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure with Advanced GNSS Testing

This partnership is not just a technical advancement; it has profound implications for critical infrastructure management. Telecommunications, among other sectors, relies heavily on precise timing information, typically derived from GNSS signals. The threat of jamming attacks, which can disrupt GPS time synchronization, poses a significant risk, potentially crippling communications and other dependent systems. The testing solutions emerging from this partnership provide a robust toolset for infrastructure managers to evaluate and enhance the resilience of their systems against such threats.

The announcement at the Mobile World Congress is just the beginning. As Syntony GNSS and Keysight continue to integrate their technologies and expertise, the market can anticipate a wave of innovative solutions that not only advance GNSS testing capabilities but also reinforce the reliability and security of critical GNSS-reliant infrastructures. This partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration in driving technological advancements and addressing some of the most pressing challenges in the GNSS and telecommunications domains.

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