2 billion Galileo-enabled smartphones sold: Syntony adapts its solutions

With the milestone of 2 billion Galileo-enabled smartphones sold around the world, the European constellation becomes more and more important in the geolocation business. As the first manufacturer of Galileo simulator in space industry, Syntony GNSS is proud to offer its services and solutions with a Galileo feature, since its creation.

Improving Galileo-based receivers performances

This very important milestone for Galileo was announced by the GSA in April. The fact that more and more users trust Galileo-based navigation by buying enabled smartphones is a tremendous opportunity to improve the offer. As a GNSS expert, Syntony anticipated this public engagement, by developing its products to meet the demand for Galileo.


Within the Apollo Project, funded by the GSA, Syntony has improved the performances of low energy consumption receivers. Designed for the IoT market, SoftSpot™ for IoT tracker indeed consumes 20 times less energy than classic Galileo receivers! By limiting the number of charges necessary to power the tracking of merchandise, Industrials save lots of time and money, and preserve the planet.

Extending Galileo coverage where it cannot naturally get

Even with its outstanding performances, Galileo constellation cannot penetrate thick walls and is unfortunately not accessible from underground facilities like metros or tunnels. This natural constraint prevents users to benefit from all the uses of Galileo-based services, like navigation or emergency calls location.


With the support of France Relance, Syntony is currently developing the Galileo version of SubWAVE™ to fill this blank. The innovative GPS Coverage Extension is evolving to a GNSS Coverage Extension, to allow multi-constellation positioning in covered facilities, in the close future. As the number of Galileo users is rising, the need for continuity of service in such facilities is urging. Syntony keeps on innovating to address this necessity, and developments will be shared in our newsletter.

A Galileo Expertise since Syntony’s creation

As a Europe-based company and a GNSS expert, Syntony naturally follows with great care the successes of the Galileo constellation. This engagement has long been proven since we were the first to provide simulated Galileo constellation to the GALILEO Signal task force more than 15 years ago. Since then, our GNSS Simulator Constellator™ has been constantly improved to restitute the GNSS environment with high fidelity and help manufacturers produce better Galileo receivers and solutions.


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