SubWAVE: Gold Medal-Winning GNSS Technology will Transform Hong Kong’s Tunnels

SubWAVE will be deployed in Honk Kong tunnels and won the gold medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva
SubWAVE will be deployed in Honk Kong tunnels and won the gold medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva
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Syntony’s SubWAVE technology is a game changer for our customers: the gold medal has been awarded to EMSD Hong Kong at the International Exhibition of Invention in Geneva, for extending GPS/GALILEO underground thanks to the unique solution SubWAVE

Revolutionizing Underground Navigation in Hong Kong: SubWAVE and Its Impact

The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) of Hong Kong participated in the International Exhibition of Invention in Geneva, showcasing innovative technologies aimed at improving government services, supporting smart city development, and achieving carbon neutrality. Among these technologies was SubWAVE, the underground GNSS coverage extension solution by Syntony GNSS, which won a gold medal at the exhibition for its remarkable contributions to navigation and safety in underground environments (read more in this article).

What Is SubWAVE?

SubWAVE is designed to emulate GNSS signals in underground locations where traditional signals cannot reach. This cutting-edge technology ensures continuous navigation, offering significant benefits for everyday travel and emergency response.

Recognition at Geneva Exhibition

SubWAVE’s success at the International Exhibition of Invention in Geneva underscores its importance in the broader context of smart city development. This gold medal win reflects EMSD’s forward-thinking approach to deploying GNSS in underground tunnels, particularly for safety regulations and enhancing urban mobility. The choice of Syntony GNSS and its SubWAVE technology has positioned Hong Kong at the forefront of innovation in transportation.

Implementation and Impact on Hong Kong’s Transportation Sector

Hong Kong is a bustling city with over 4.5 million daily vehicles and a high reliance on public transport. The seamless integration of SubWAVE into the city’s tunnels promises to revolutionize urban mobility, providing precise location data for E911 emergency calls, ensuring the safety of workers through GPS-based asset positioning, and extending underground public guidance services like Tom Tom, Sygic, or HERE WeGO.

The Role of SubWAVE in Safety and Efficiency

The deployment of SubWAVE in the Central–Wan Chai Bypass addresses critical safety and operational needs. In emergencies, quick location identification is crucial, and SubWAVE’s ability to provide accurate GNSS signals underground greatly enhances the effectiveness of emergency services. As Joël KORSAKISSOK, CEO of Syntony GNSS, states, “SubWAVE allows first responders to accurately locate distress calls within tunnels, improving response times and overall safety.”

Additionally, the technology plays a role in reducing traffic congestion and emissions. By providing real-time traffic information, SubWAVE can contribute to smoother traffic flow and support Hong Kong’s sustainability goals.

A New Era of Urban Navigation

EMSD’s commitment to deploying GNSS in underground environments, exemplified by the use of SubWAVE in the Central–Wan Chai Bypass, sets a new standard for smart city planning and safety. The gold medal at the Geneva exhibition validates this innovative approach, signaling a future where seamless navigation and safety extend from the surface to the depths of urban infrastructure. This groundbreaking deployment demonstrates how technology can transform not only how we travel but also how we ensure safety and sustainability in the modern cityscape.