Tech Transfer Award 2018

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Syntony was granted the “Technology Transfer Award” by La Tribune/Space Forum in 2018

During the Toulouse Space Show 2018, Syntony has been awarded of the “Technology Transfer Award” of La Tribune/Space Forum.

This prize is associated to the effort and success of Syntony to apply to the public transportation, a technology originally developed for the Space Domain: GNSS simulation.

Indeed, GNSS simulation is used in SubWAVE product to bring GNSS/GPS positioning and/or navigation to underground locations, like metro stations and tunnels, road tunnels, underground parkings.

Syntony is still, in 2018, the only company in the world who has achieved the objective of making people navigate underground with the GNSS chipset of their standard smartphone.

And this technology is not only available: it is also completely deployed in the Stockholm metro, Sweden. It is under deployment or evaluation in other major towns in the world: New York, Helsinki, Munich, Toulouse, etc.