OneWeb acquires 15 additional Constellators

OneWeb uses Constellator GNSS Simulator to test its satellites
OneWeb uses Constellator GNSS Simulator to test its satellites
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To test the second generation of satellites that will join its constellation, OneWeb is renewing its confidence in Constellator

15 additional GNSS simulators

In 2017, OneWeb successfully launched the first generation of satellites that gave birth to the famous constellation. Tested with Syntony GNSS simulator, Constellator, this first generation behaved exactly as expected during the tests, ensuring the success of the mission.

For the testing of the second generation satellites, OneWeb has chosen to renew its confidence in Syntony’s technologies, by acquiring 15 additional Constellators in their production site in Florida.

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The OneWeb Constellation Revolution

Comprising a network of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, OneWeb offers a robust and low-latency communication infrastructure, facilitating high-speed internet access for users worldwide.

The primary purpose of the constellation is to democratize connectivity, empowering communities with educational, economic, and social opportunities. Its added value lies in the ability to deliver reliable internet services in areas where traditional infrastructure is challenging or even economically unfeasible. The OneWeb constellation therefore enhances communication resilience, making it a valuable asset for disaster response, emergency services, and industries requiring seamless global connectivity.

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