Syntony in Japan

Syntony GNSS strengthens its presence in Japan
Syntony GNSS strengthens its presence in Japan
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Syntony is strengthening its presence in Japan

In addition to ongoing discussions with partners in Japan to establish distribution agreements, Syntony has been invited to publish a technical article in the Journal of IPNTJ (Institute of Positioning, Navigation, and Timing of Japan), whose Chairman is Professor Emeritus Dr Akio Yasuda. IPNTJ gathers experts and professionals working in the field of GNSS from the government, academia, and industries.


Japan has already implemented Japanese SBAS named MSAS since 2007. Japan is now enhancing its own regional GNSS constellation named QZSS aka Michibiki with a full deployment 7 satellites in 2023; the QZSS constellation, with 4 satellites already launched, has been widely used in Japan since 2018, with cm-level global and domestic accuracy augmentation services.


IPNTJ has been organizing several events every year since its establishment in 2009 to allow exchanges within the Japanese GNSS community on the progress of the QZSS deployment and user applications, and more generally to provide a status on GNSS innovations and applications.


In this context, Syntony has published in the June 2020 edition of the Journal of IPNTJ the results of different test campaigns related to SubWAVE GPS extension in underground areas from different SubWAVE installations in New-York, Paris, or Munich subways.


Syntony has been supported locally in Tokyo for this publication and formal introduction to the Japanese GNSS community by EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation funded by both the European Commission and the Japanese Government. The Centre is also working as the local representative of initiative funded by EU via GSA. Syntony is immensely proud of starting this relationship with IPNTJ and is keen to continue its relationship with this prestigious GNSS community in Japan.


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