GNSS Simulator

Constellator, a multi-constellation GNSS simulator

Main features


  • Extensible up to more than 400 channels delivering high quality satellite signals on up to 6 distincts frequencies
  • Hardware-in-the-loop testing at 0,1 to 1000Hz refresh rates

GNSS enhancements to unequaled levels

When we think about the expansion of GNSS constellations and satellite based augmentations systems, we know it has provided more options as well as more complexity than ever before.

More constellations, more frequencies, more modulations and more codes are making the development of tomorrow’s receiver tests a very demanding task.

High fidelity: Constellator has been assessed by specialists worldwide and has demonstrated the best fidelity and signal quality on the market, even for space-borne trajectory simulations, all this, at the best price.

Constellator has been created to test receivers, from performing fair weather tests to being subject receivers to suboptimal conditions, extreme situations and combinations of errors difficult to access in real world tests.

All of it finely controlled and indefinitely repeatable.
Easy Upgrade: Constellator offers “software-only upgrades”, ensuring that no matter what new constellations, satellites and codes the future brings it will be able to handle them.

A team player

Constellator is compatible with other complementary high quality testing solutions providing GNSS components in end-to-end systems tests, including hardware in the loop.

Extensive simulation options

  • Full time and location control
  • Receives trajectories with extreme dynamics
  • Background noise, interference & janmming. Spoofing (2 units)
  • Atmospheric propagation errors
  • Satellite errors
  • Multipath and obscuration
  • On-the-fly scenario
  • Multi-trajectory support
  • Constellator data sheet
  • Constellator Leaflet

Use Case

  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Impact

In the recent years, the fast growing satellite fleets and SBAS systems have expanded consequently and provide now many opportunities to push receiver performances to unequaled levels as it has never been done before.

Constellator was created to test receivers in the most extreme situations and combinations of errors in real world tests.

Syntony provides a hardware maintenance, calibration and support system as we strive to give our clients a quick ROI, transforming it into a profitable investment.

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