GNSS Simulator

Constellator™ Multi-constellation & Multi-frequency GNSS Simulator

  • Powerful & High Fidelity
  • Configurable for advanced simulation
  • Easy to setup & use
  • Built to evolve with your needs

The flagship GNSS Simulator

When we think about the expansion of GNSS constellations and satellite-based augmentations systems, we know it has provided more options as well as more complexity than ever before.


More constellations, more frequencies, more modulations, and more codes are making the development of tomorrow’s receiver tests a very demanding task.


Whether you need a GPS simulator or a fully-featured GNSS Simulator, Constellator™ is the perfect fit for your testbed environment.


Constellator™ singularity lies in the alliance of SDR (Software Defined Radio), a state-of-the-art RF Analog front-end and simulation models that got refined over 20 years.


Top-end processing performance and superior RF quality are now met into a COTS appliance with utmost flexibility in simulation control.

Powerful & High Fidelity

  • Realtime, Multi-frequency and Multi-constellation
  • Powerful with up to 660 L1 C/A equivalent signals
  • From simple trajectories to complex extreme dynamics
  • Hardware-in-the-loop with zero effective latency

Configurable for advanced simulation

  • Multipath & terrain obscuration, with entirely customizable 1-click environment presets
  • Advanced troposphere & ionosphere models, even for space
  • On the fly scenario modifications & extensive simulation options
  • Ready for interference, jamming & spoofing tests

Easy to setup & use

  • Simple local or remote control & quick integration
  • Smooth hardware setup, ready for multi-antenna or multi-receiver
  • Extensive documentation, examples available & local support
  • Remote software updates available

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Use cases

  • Production
  • Validation
  • Design
  • HWIL

With 32 signals, Constellator™ RTGS4-02 offers its optimized performance for Production testing.

RTGS4-02 is also available with hardware-in-the-loop!


Upgrade at any time to RTGS4-12, it’s just a quick software update.


Final Assembly Line

receivers & antennas testing

With 240 channels, RTGS4-12 and RTGS4-14 offers more configuration options for validation process.


It allows high-fidelity simulation with many satellites in view even in multi-frequency and multi-constellation mode.

It also shines in multipath scenario.


Testing GPS/GNSS integration within a vehicle

Top of its class, RTGS4-24 offers 660 L1 C/A equivalent signals and the full power of Constellator™ for high-end R&D.


RTGS4-24 tackles the most challenging scenarios, from multi-constellation & multifrequency whether in space and to advanced multipath on the ground.


Testing new receiver and navigation systems in R&D


up to 1,000 Hz & Zero effective latency


Constellator™ allows hardware-in-the-loop GNSS simulation at high-fidelity, even under very-high dynamics, with zero effective latency.


It allows safe and controlled tests while saving time, budget, and effort.

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