Unleash Resilience with Constellator's GNSS interferences simulation

Explore the dynamic world of interference generation, a feature that sets Constellator apart in GNSS simulation. Elevate your testing and development processes with our advanced Spoofing and Jamming capabilities.

Introducing Interference Generation​

Spoofers and Jammers: Unraveling the Difference

  • Jammer: Creates interference by introducing noise on the same frequencies as the GNSS signal, rendering it unheard by receivers.
  • Spoofer: Emulates a different position with a higher power, tricking receivers into using simulated signals for altered positioning.
Illustration of Constellator GNSS simulator generating realistic interferences such as jamming and spoofing

Configuring Jammers with Constellator™​

Constellator GNSS simulator simulates a jammer attack on to test GPS receiver

Seamless Configuration for Unmatched Simulation

  • Powerful: Configure up to ten interference sources with customizable emission settings.
  • Signal Variety: Choose from four interference types, including continuous wave, spectrum matching noise, pulsed continuous wave, and band-limited white Gaussian noise.
  • Fine-Tuning: Adjust power, frequency, and phase offset for precise interference control.

Configuring Spoofers with Constellator™​

Constellator GNSS simulator simulates a spoofing attack to test GPS receiver

Resilient Positioning for Unmatched Realism

  • Repeater Mode: Emulate configured position as a GNSS signal for realistic scenarios.
  • Non-Repeater Mode: Emulate a different position by selecting the positioning type and specifying the desired location.
  • Advanced Characteristics: Set specific delay, phase offset, and power offset for nuanced spoofer configurations.

Your Gateway to Unprecedented GNSS Simulation​

Syntony’s Constellator: A Powerful GNSS Simulator

  • Comprehensive Platform: Constellator offers a complete solution for GNSS testing, from interference generation to precise positioning.
  • Multi-parameters Controls: Complete interface empowers users to create realistic scenarios with ease.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for testing and development across diverse GNSS-dependent industries.
Constellator doubles SDR L1C/A equivalent signals with up to 1200 computation units
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Get in Touch with Constellator Experts​

Ready to Elevate Your GNSS Simulation?

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  • Tailored Solutions: Discuss your unique requirements and explore how Constellator can meet your GNSS simulation needs.
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Looking for a GNSS receiver resilient to interferences?​

Unleash resilience with CERBER, Syntony’s cutting-edge CRPA GNSS receiver

  • Interference Resilience: Seamlessly integrate CERBER to test your systems against real-world challenges, including interference scenarios generated by Constellator.
  • High Precision: Benefit from CERBER’s cutting-edge technology, delivering unparalleled precision in harsh environments.
  • Multi-Constellation Support: CERBER supports multiple constellations, ensuring robust and reliable GNSS data in various environments.