GPS Coverage Extension

SubWAVE and SubWAVE+: Unique solution for underground GPS positioning

  • Plug & Play installation in DAS infrastructure used by Cellular or PMR
  • No interference with train control or telecom systems
  • No receiver or server modification
  • Compliant with existing PMR/TETRA receivers
  • Seamless transition with the outdoor/indoor
  • No App to be installed on the Smartphone

Save lives by locating emergency calls and rescue teams

GPS coverage has become a fundamental tool for rescue forces, significantly improving their intervention capabilities. Yet, when entering an underground area such as a subway station or tunnel, they lose that advantage as the GPS signal hampers and may be exposed to more risks during their intervention. SubWAVE expends GPS covergae to underground areas, thus enabling localization of any equipment or person with a standard GPS chipset (safety forces, isolated staff, assets).

Get underground what you have upstairs

Designed to map the existing architecture of PMR systems (Private Mobile Radio), its installation requires no modification of the terminals and is compliant with the existing standards (TETRA, P25). By emitting a perfect emulation of the “real” GPS, SubWAVE can even benefit the public in underground places equipped with the system, whether it is for safety reasons (locate emergency calls) or to improve the service (guidance of passengers).

Increase the level of precision with SubWAVE+

SubWAVE+ complements the zone based location offered by SubWAVE with an even more precise location solution. This upgrade allows operators to precisely locate any GPS chipset equipped asset along a tunnel (subway, train, road), a subway station, a mine, an underground parking, etc.

A proven technology

Running 24/7 in the Stockholm subway since 2016, SubWAVE is easily upgradable due to its software core, making it a profitable investment offering a quick return on investment.

  • SubWAVE data sheet
  • SubWAVE+ data sheet
  • SubWAVE Leaflet

Use Case

  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Impact

In confined areas, the public or professional users of GPS signal (such as rescue forces intervening) cannot use the precious information to navigate efficiently through places they don’t know well.

SubWAVE emulates the “real” GPS to extand the coverage to underground and/or confined places. Any owner of a device equipped with a standard GPS chipset can use this signal as he wishes, just like outside, without having to install any specific app.

Using the existing infrastructure, SubWAVE is an easily installed solution, upgradable and compliant with existing PMR.

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