SubWAVE™ GPS Coverage Extension

GNSS positioning: the backbone of Navigation

As they are accessible from all around the globe, GNSS constellations like GPS are the most universal and popular positioning technologies. Compatible with the large majority of equipment, vehicles, and data workflows, they offer the best and easiest ground to develop Navigation and Autonomous applications.

GNSS Coverage Extension: Enable Autonomous Navigation underground

But since they find their origins in Space, GNSS technologies cannot benefit underground facilities, more and more present in our modern cities and infrastructures.

With SubWAVE™ GPS Coverage Extension solution, Syntony provides professionals as well as the public with the continuity of this universal service. Every GNSS-based use case, existing or to come, is instantly enabled. 

Illustration of trucks platooning in a tunnel using GNSS coverage extension

SubWAVE™, Seamless & Universal GPS Coverage Extension Solution

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Industry standard

Syntony is an active member of the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) and the SubWAVE technology is currently under 3GPP standardization process.


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Syntony GNSS: 20 years of history

– From creating the first Galileo simulator
– To becoming the reference in high-end multi-constellation & multi-frequency simulation.

Because GPS isn’t just another telecom, our expertise focusses strictly GNSS, no distraction.