GNSS Simulation takes a leap forward


As industry demand is growing, Syntony keeps on innovating its GNSS simulation solutions with Constellator. Recently, engineers at Syntony have added some powerful features to our GNSS Simulator, to address higher standard of GNSS testing, both in production and R&D.


High-dynamics Hardware-in-the-loop


To achieve ultimate trajectory management, and particularly address growing Satellite launching, Syntony has developed 1000 Hz Hardware-In-The-Loop. This feature allows an accurate simulation for high-dynamics, up to more than 100 Gs, with zero artifact and zero-effective latency.


Every GNSS constellation on 660 channels and more


Besides, with the leap forward in signal computing capacities, due to Hardware and Software optimizations, Constellator can now achieve the simultaneous generation of up to 660 L1CA-equivalent signals from the whole range of GNSS Constellations. Moreover, this level of performance can be unlocked remotely, without any hardware update, thanks to SDR technology.


Satellite trajectory simulation on all orbits

With Constellator, simulation of the complex space environment for satellite trajectories becomes very accurate. Even with high elliptical orbits, Constellator can provide a precise trajectory simulation from LEO to GEO. And adding a second machine allows to support Multi-trajectory, with synchronized simulation of the side lobes of the satellites. Moreover, space-dedicated ionospheric models brings management of  ionosphere‘s “double crossing”, getting engineers closer to what would happen during launch.


Augmentation Systems

Constellator is also known to support all GNSS constellations simulation, and every augmentation system related. GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou and IRNSS, QZSS or EGNOS to name a few.




In the near future, complex urban environment simulation will benefit from a few innovations. With its full software architecture and farm server capacities, Constellator has the right architecture to set up distributed simulations of 100+ jamming and spoofing sources, that are naturally emitted in such environments. As clients’ expectations grow, Syntony intends to meet their challenges with the most powerful SDR solutions, combined with the quality of high-end RF stage.

Constellator - GNSS Simulator