Syntony joins The Critical Communication Association (TCCA)

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The Critical Communication Association (TCCA) announced the new appointment of Syntony as an active member, to bring its underground GNSS coverage extension expertise to the community.

Standardized Critical Communication solutions

Based in Canada, The Critical Communication Association has a worldwide influence. Its goal is to coordinate efforts from the industries to design, produce and promote standardized Critical Communication systems, guaranteeing a safety net for infrastructures.

GNSS as a feed in the Critical Communication mix

Amongst the many information transiting through Critical communications, GNSS positioning has significantly grown of importance, but remained inaccessible in underground infrastructures. With Syntony’s SubWAVE GPS Coverage Extension innovation, GNSS data can be broadcast through critical communication systems and access underground environments.

Critical Communication World Conference

The Critical Communication Association will be holding a conference in Vienna, from June 21st to 23rd, to promote innovations and efficient systems.

As so, Syntony will make the trip to meet with the partners and keep on improving its GNSS Coverage Extension solution, SubWAVE, as a key element amongst many.