IoT webinar with GSA

Space capsule made of IoT objects
Space capsule made of IoT objects
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APOLLO Project

The European GNSS Agency (GSA) has published a White Paper on “Power-efficient positioning for the Internet of Things”, providing an overview of GNSS technologies that are relevant for low-power IoT applications, including those that require hybridisation with other connectivity solutions. 


The GSA organized a dedicated webinar on 18 June to present the main findings from the paper. 

The APOLLO project (partially funded by the European GNSS Agencyaims at providing a GALILEO-based geolocation solution for the IoT market by dividing the bill of material of the GNSS function by 4 and by dividing its energy balance by 10 to 100. To reach such performances, the consortium developed a 100% software GNSS receiver able to run on any IoT application processor and will implement powerful Cloud distribution methods to host most of the location processing on a remote server. 


The project capitalises on two major SYNTONY’s assets: 

  • SoftSpot: A GNSS software receiver that already demonstrated its efficiency on industrial applications for years with high end features (on UaV applications). It has been brought up on several hardware platforms. (Customers Hardware) 
  • GALAXIE: A remote server that hosts part of the location algorithm, enabling to reduce on-board processing operations of the IoT device. 


The APOLLO consortium carries out the implementation and optimisation of the IoT solution: 

  • Adapting the SoftSpot solution to generic IoT application processors 
  • Implementing the “Enhanced Raw Observable” and the “Enhanced Raw Observable Sample” cloud distribution methods on the location algorithm 
  • Improving the location algorithm accuracy by using methods such as deep learning 
  • Exploring the optimisation potentialities related to the GALILEO/GPS distribution ratio depending on the use-cases 
  • Exploring the optimisation potentialities related to the communication technologies (LPWAN/GSM) depending on the use-cases and the targeted performances 


The APOLLO consortium benefits from: 

  • SYNTONY’s expertise and worldwide recognition in GNSS technologies and algorithm distribution 
  • SIGFOX’s expertise in IoT communication, its world leader position as IoT communication operator and its deep knowledge of the IoT ecosystem and its strong relationships 
  • LDL’s expertise in electronic devices development and integration and its deep knowledge of the integrators needs and requirements. 


Those 3 companies represent the whole value chain to deliver a solution to the market and therefore puts put in place a true living lab in the field as a show case.