Happy new year 2021!

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2020 has been a very unexpected year for the world and our Group.
The worldwide crisis we’re all facing gives birth to new challenges we have to face in an emergency mode. Our professional ways of communicating and selling took a new innovative impulse, as innovative as our devices are designed by our R&D teams. Because our success comes from the continuous faith in the excellence of our products and services, something we are committed to and would never sacrifice, Because we always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and meet their requirements, We will keep on innovating, with the same passion and commitment, in the same human ways. Thanks to all of your support :
  • as a customer, keeping on trusting our innovative systems,
  • as a banker, helping us daily to find the best financial ways to cross this extemely difficult phase,
  • as an investor, providing precious advise on time.
WE MADE IT and are proud to announce that we rose our sales by 30%, growing our talents ressources by 20%. This growth would never have happened, shouldn’t you trust us. THANK YOU ! The SYNTONY teams wish you the best for 2021
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