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Syntony at ITS World Congress

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Syntony at ITS World Congress
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Our core business is software based Location and Navigation Systems

Syntony know-how was inherited from 15 years of R&D and collaboration with industrial leaders. At some point, the need for bespoke projects requiring high GNSS expertise to develop simulators based on software defined radio has been the milestone of Syntony creation.

Some of the leaders quickly went for this innovative approach that brings unique advantages for flexibility, upgradability and cost-effectiveness. The expertise developed was then used for developing other range of products: from simulators to recorders and players; as well as software-based GNSS receivers.

All those solutions can serve various industries such as Aeronautics, Space, Automotive, Telecom, IoT…
Simultaneously, a new range has been developed for Transportation sector to make GPS work where it is usually unreliable and is critical for users’ and agents’ safety.

Since its creation, Syntony is acknowledged as one of the leaders in GNSS simulation and receivers market. Its products are recognized and recommended for their uniqueness, high performance and competitiveness.


Joël and Béatrice KORSAKISSOK co-founded Syntony with Christian BEC. The main activities are based on SoftSpot receiver for aerospace, and Constellator for a first major Space customer.


  • Syntony simulator, Constellator, was selected by Oneweb Satellites (Florida). Syntony provided GNSS simulators for pre-launch testing of the 900 satellites.
  • Syntony developed its unique solution to make GPS work underground, SubWAVE. The system has been active since 2016 in Stockholm metro, a trusting partner.
  • Syntony raised €1 million funds to accelerate its development.


Syntony was ranked among the first players on GNSS simulation, its historic market.

New subsidiaries opened in the US (New-York and San Francisco) and we expanded our network of distributors worldwide.

We launched SubWAVE+, a SubWAVE extension providing higher location accuracy in confined areas.


A year focused on expansion and growth. Launch of our IoT GPS receiver, offering 10 years of battery autonomy for trackers. And from this year, Constellator product is used by the 3 major satellite manufacturers in Europe.


In May, we opened a new subsidiary in Montréal: SYNTONY NAVIGATION Inc., for a closer relationship with our partners and customers in Canada.

Our team is growing fast : we are recruiting talents in engineering and sales !

Syntony is a game changer in location navigation systems

Since 2015, Syntony has brought a very innovative approach on the market. The products proposed are based on a combination of high-end hardware coupled with software core making them flexible and upgradable products.



We have on-the-shelf products as well as on-demand products for GNSS simulator, GNSS signal recorder and player, GNSS receiver and a solution for GPS coverage extension in confined areas.


Every product of the range benefits from the expertise in GNSS signal treatment. Products are highly versatile and can comply with many different requirements.

Our products

GNSS receiver for IoT

GPS Coverage Extension

GNSS Receiver

GNSS Recorder and Player

GNSS Simulator

Syntony today

The team reaches 40 people , 50% of them are engineers. We all have different backgrounds that serve the team creativity and strength to tackle new challenges ! Our vision is to push back the boundaries and provide solutions to make navigation solutions go even further the physics limits !

Have a look to our Career page if you’d like to be part of the adventure !