GNSS Constellations are a network of time-synchronized satellite orbiting Earth used for Positioning, Navigation, and Timing. The first and most famous GNSS Constellation is Global Positioning System (GPS), developed and owned by the United-States of America (USA). Every Constellation emits specific signals, usable on Earth, Air and Space by enabled receivers to compute their position, navigate, or time-synchronize around the globe.

As the backbone of strategic and critical operations, many World key-players have developed and launched their own GNSS Constellations:

In addition, some countries have developed Geostationary Constellations (known as Regional Navigation Satellite Systems, RNSS), available only in specific areas of the world:

Those PNT services are also completed by Augmentation Systems on the ground, air, or space, to enhance the precision and accuracy of positioning for end users.


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