Mont Blanc Tunnel: SubWAVE™ will be deployed to allow truck platooning tests

Tests to enable truck platooning in the “Tunnel du Mont Blanc” will be conducted using SubWAVE™ to extend GPS coverage

In partnership with SEE Telecom, Syntony GNSS brings its expertise to enable truck platooning tests in the Mont Blanc tunnel. The SubWAVE™ GPS Coverage Extension will be deployed in the tunnel to bring the GPS feed needed to conduct the tests.

GPS Coverage Extension in road tunnel to allow truck platooning

The tunnel operator, GEIE-TMB (European Group of Economic Interest of the Mont Blanc Tunnel) will use SubWAVE™ Continuous technology to carry out its platooning tests in the underground environment. By installing the SubWAVE™ Continuous system, users, and more specifically autonomous trucks, will be able to maintain reliable reception of the GPS signal. The universality of GPS will give all tunnel users (technicians, drivers, etc.) all the advantages of satellite positioning, from location of emergency calls to  development of new piloting technologies.

Optimization and safety of the traffic targeted

With a strong promise of safety and optimization, platooning is an automation-related technique, enabling the creation of a line of autonomous trucks. The challenge of this technique is to allow the trucks to move in tighter order, to optimize traffic, while guaranteeing better safety.


However platooning is based on V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) communication, it still partially relies on GPS. To stay at an optimal distance, trucks must be able to locate themselves and therefore benefit from a reliable GPS signal. Unfortunately, the nature of the tunnels does not allow this signal to penetrate, making this technique impossible to deploy. It is therefore by providing its GPS coverage extension solution, SubWAVE™, that Syntony intervenes to meet this requirement, and allows optimized journeys within the Mont Blanc Tunnel.


The assistance provided by the software pilot also reduces fuel consumption, limiting the air intake of the convoy. GPS (GNSS), a key element of this device, intervenes to position trucks within the tunnel, and as they are in relation with each other, to guarantee safety, especially on the braking distance. The platooning system, aimed at preserving the concentration and form of drivers throughout their journey, is therefore a major innovation in terms of savings, safety, and optimization, to which Syntony brings its expertise in the field of GNSS.

Added Value and recording of GNSS signals

Thanks to its expertise and product range, Syntony supports the implementation of complete GNSS solutions. The high-fidelity GNSS signal recorder, Echo™, allows a study of signals emitted in the tunnel during the deployment of SubWAVE™. Syntony will be able to produce analysis and reports on the availability of GNSS and the observed effects, to make recommendations on the use cases.


This analysis allows, among other things, to identify differences in position calculated by the receiver, and confront them with the reality of the position, understand the reasons for it, and propose solutions to correct them. This turnkey service is Syntony’s added value, with the transparency and quality of the solution delivered, at the heart of each project.

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Syntony GNSS

Syntony GNSS is an expert in the design and production of GNSS solutions, ranging from simulation to reception, recording, replay, and real-time simulation. Active in the Aerospace industries, Syntony has transferred GNSS satellite positioning technologies to other industries, such as Transport with the extension of GPS coverage (SubWAVE™), the automotive industry with signal simulation to develop and test autonomous car, or the IoT market, with a very low energy consumption GNSS receiver.


SEE Telecom

SEE Telecom is a leader in radio communications technologies in confined areas, such as road tunnels, railways, subways, offshore wind farms, airports, etc. SEE Telecom strives to provide security to confined spaces through radio coverage using innovative solutions that address current and future issues.



The European Group of Economic Interest of the Mont Blanc Tunnel (GEIE-TMB) is a Franco-Italian structure responsible for the maintenance and operation of the tunnel and its outbuildings, as well as for safety and traffic management. As the Mont Blanc Tunnel is a major axis of European and global exchange, the GEIE-TMB is a central player in the operation of road tunnels. Committed to keeping the Tunnel among the world’s safety benchmarks, GEIE-TMB is a leader in innovation in safety and traffic optimization.